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Our Full Spectrum of Real Estate App Development Services

Our suite of real estate app development services helps buyers find a place they love, and agents close the deal in a shorter duration.
Mobile App Consultation
Get expert insights into the feasibility and profitability of your real estate app idea from our dedicated team of real estate software developers. This insightful consultation will guide you in understanding your app's prospects and strategies you need to make your app a huge success.
Real Estate App Development

As a leading real estate software development company, we have extensive expertise in developing robust mobile apps for the sector. Our team of real estate app developers assists with end-to-end real estate app development services and solutions that cater to all your stakeholders' current and future needs.

Enterprise Real Estate Development

Our enterprise real estate solutions cater to the unique demands of large-scale enterprises. From advanced analytics to seamless process integration, our enterprise development services help businesses optimize operations, enhance the decision-making process, and achieve strategic real estate goals.

Real Estate Web Application Development

Our real estate web application development services include specialized options for smooth property searches, listings, and transactions. We design user-friendly interfaces, incorporate sophisticated search features, and safe payment methods to ensure a seamless experience for users.


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No Matter What Your Stakeholders’ Requirements Are, We Have Them Covered

We are a real estate mobile app development company connecting all your stakeholders - buyers, sellers, and agents on one platform. No matter what your stakeholders’ requirements are, we have them covered.

Real Estate Buyers

Our real estate app development services cater to the needs of property buyers, providing them with a convenient and efficient way to navigate the property buying process. Our custom services let users access location maps and take virtual property tours with Metaverse and AR/VR technology.

Real Estate Companies or Sellers

With our real estate services, companies can easily view potential buyers' licenses, backgrounds, and credit checks. This allows for a thorough evaluation of interested parties and ensures a smooth and secure transaction process.

Real Estate Aggregators

The steps we follow during real estate application development make app integration with your website easier. We offer a series of services for real estate aggregators like - property image/video display, property listing submission, and individual payment processing.


Advanced Technologies We Integrate into Real Estate
Mobile Application Development

We leverage the blended power of advanced technologies to develop resilient real estate applications. By integrating various advanced technologies, we build robust solutions that enhance user experiences, streamline processes, and provide unmatched value in the real estate industry.


Being one of the leading real estate development firms, we leverage AI and ML technology for analyzing massive data sets to forecast property values, pricing, and market trends. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots offer speedy responses, and ML provides tailored recommendations.


As a top-ranked real estate software development company, our experts use blockchain technology to ensure a secure and open ledger for tamper-proof property records. This also helps in lowering fraud and simplifying ownership transfers.


With AR/VR technology, our experts add a touch of immersive experience to your real estate apps. AR adds digital overlays to real-world environments to demonstrate potential designs, whereas VR offers complete virtual property tours, thus helping in remote exploration.


Utilizing IoT and big data analytics, we empower property management and provide buyers insights into a property's condition and other details, thus, redefining the real estate experience.


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Crafting Excellence: Our On-Demand App Development Process

Our on-demand app developers employ DevOps and agile development methodology to build your applications, ensuring both speed and quality. Being a leading on-demand mobile app development company, our development process is carefully crafted with crucial steps that lead to the creation of exceptional apps:

Advanced Search Filters
This feature includes specific search criteria like location, property price, property type, amenities, and more to help users quickly find properties that suit their needs.
Property Listing Maps
This interactive property listing map feature allows users to locate the best properties, surrounding amenities, and neighborhood details.
AR/VR Tour
This innovative feature provides virtual property tours using augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR), allowing users to thoroughly and remotely examine properties.
Property Comparison
The property comparison feature allows customers to contrast different properties side by side, emphasizing important attributes like costs and features to help them make wise choices.
Save Searches
Users can save their searches and create alerts for new listings that meet their criteria, ensuring they don't miss out on property-related chances.
Recommendations Powered by AI
This feature leverages artificial intelligence to assess user preferences and behavior and provide tailored real estate recommendations.
Mortgage Calculator
The mortgage calculator feature in real estate apps assists users in estimating monthly payments depending on the cost of a house, interest rates, and the down payment amount.
Property Management
The property management feature allows users to handle property listings, tenant applications, rent collecting, and maintenance requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, the development of a real estate app can cost between $1000 and $5000. The real estate mobile application development cost estimation varies depending on the app’s complexity, UI/UX design, the development team’s size, and the development agency’s location.

The time taken to build a real estate app is around 4-18 months, depending on the complexities of your application, the choice of the technology stack, the number of features integrated, platform choice and other factors.

As one of the globally renowned real estate app development companies, Softment has made a track record of delivering premium applications that have helped clients to grow their businesses. Let us check out some of the top reasons for hiring Softment as your trusted real estate mobile app development company:

Implementing tactics that produce income while giving consumers value is necessary for monetizing a real estate app. The following are some profitable app monetization techniques that can be implemented during mobile app development for the real estate industry:

Membership Packages

Introduce premium membership packages that give customers access to a range of special features, deals, or services.

Freemium Model

Offer a basic, feature-limited version of the app for free while charging for a more advanced, feature-rich edition with more tools and functionality.

Featured Listing Fees

Charge real estate agents, property owners, or both a fee to display their properties on your app. You can go for either one-time charge or a subscription-based system.

In-App Advertising

Display tailored ads from firms that deal with real estate, such as mortgage lenders, interior designers, or relocation services. Make sure the app’s design smoothly incorporates adverts that are both relevant to users and effective.


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