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SOFTMENT is your trusted partner for Android app development . As an experienced Android development company, we create high-performing, user-friendly apps for businesses and startups.

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Why Choose Android App Development?

Developing Android apps grants access to over 2 billion active users worldwide and enables full utilization of device features like GPS and camera. Android's seamless app distribution through Google Play, with over 82 billion yearly downloads, facilitates rapid scaling to a vast global audience
Our Android App Development Process

With years of experience, we follow the best practices for Android app development Texas projects. It helps us to ensure quality outcomes for clients. Here are the step-by-step stages we undertake for every Android project.

  • Planning and Ideation:

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  • UX/UI Design:

    Our skilled designers create user-oriented mockups and prototypes based on the agreed concept. We pay more attention to simplicity and usability. The outcome is minimalist but visually appealing UI/UX

  • Development and Testing:

    With design approval, our expert Android developers build your app using Java and Android SDK. We do it while integrating preferred features like GPS, push notifications, and multimedia. Our developers apply test-driven development. We also carry out manual and automated software testing to detect bugs or issues before release.

  • Launch and Updates:

    After developing the app, we can help you to launch it on Google Play Store. We provide updates and maintenance to enhance app functioning as well. Regular updates also boost app visibility on the Play store. Whenever you need to add a new feature to your Android app, you can contact us.

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Our Android App Development Process

No matter what Android app you wish to develop, we at SOFTMENT are here to help you with it. Here are some great reasons why you should work with our experts for Android app development California.

Trusted Track Record

We have experience in serving clients across multiple industries. They include clients in healthcare, education, and many other domains. Our apps consistently achieve 4+ star ratings with excellent user feedback

Skilled Developers

Our talented Android developers stay updated with latest platform versions. They use modern architecture patterns and industry best practices. It helps us to ensure optimal Android app performance.

User-Focused Design

We always focus on designing user interfaces with users in mind. This leads to greater user engagement and downloads for your Android app.

On-time Delivery

We ensure timely delivery of Android apps within budget and project timelines. That’s because we stick to Agile development methodologies.

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Our Android App Development Expertise

With extensive experience creating apps across categories, SOFTMENT develops Android solutions for diverse industry needs. Our key app development capabilities span:

  • Ecommerce Apps:

    We build feature-packed ecommerce apps that enable effective selling online. Our apps incorporate payment gateways, push notifications and more to boost customer experience. We are the best team for Android app development Washington and the rest of the USA.

  • Business Apps:

    Streamline operations by getting customized Android apps for your business requirements. We create apps packed with productivity features like document management and employee tracking and other tools.

  • Travel Apps:

    Allow users to book tickets, hotels, and cabs. easily through bespoke Android travel apps with inbuilt maps, GPS, and travel guide integrations. For any similar Android app development Massachusetts requirement, feel free to contact us.

  • Education Apps:

    Facilitate engaging mobile learning through interactive Android education apps for schools/universities. Incorporate multimedia features with exam results, timetables and more.

  • Many other apps!

    No matter what your use case is, we can help you with developing the best Android app for it. It includes gaming apps, social apps, real estate apps, dating apps and other app genres to suit startups and enterprises.

Why Outsource Android App Development to Us?

SOFTMENT offers many advantages as your outsourced Android app development partner:

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    Save over 60% in developmental costs by leveraging our affordable developer rates

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    Gain from vast technical expertise required for complex Android projects

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    Quicker time-to-market with on-time deliveries as per agreement

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    Direct coordination with developers eliminates communication gaps

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    Around-the-clock support with developers across time zones

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