React Native App Development

React Native has quickly become one of the most popular frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps. With React Native, you can develop native iOS and Android apps with the same JavaScript codebase. This results in huge savings in time and cost compared to building separate native apps for each platform
Why Choose React Native App Development

React Native is getting popular day by day as an app development framework. Here are the key reasons to choose React Native for your next mobile app development project:

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities:

    Write once and deploy on both iOS and Android platforms. This significantly reduces development time and cost.

  • Native Performance:

    React Native compiles to native code, allowing your apps to achieve nearly identical performance as native iOS and Android apps.

  • Shorter Development Cycles:

    The React framework features hot reloading to preview changes instantly. This enables faster iteration and development.

  • Attractive UI:

    Build stunning UI and animations that match the look and feel of native mobile apps, using frameworks like React Native Paper.

  • Code Reusability:

    Share up to 90% of code between your iOS and Android apps, enabling massive code reuse.

  • Open Source:

    As an open source framework, React Native has a vibrant community contributing excellent libraries and tools.

  • Developer Productivity:

    Use popular React patterns that web developers are already familiar with for mobile development.

App Development

Our iOS React Native App Development Process

We follow a streamlined agile process for iOS app development with React Native to deliver maximum value. Here’s an overview of the process we follow for React Native app development California.


We start with understanding your requirements, defining features/screens, and creating user journeys. Our team will analyze feasibility as well and provide time/cost estimates.

UI/UX Design

Our designers will create wireframes and high-fidelity mockups with best practices for iOS platforms. This ensures your app looks modern, intuitive and aligns to your brand identity.


Our React Native experts build your app with a focus on readability, scale, and performance. We leverage various libraries for animations, navigation, and core utilities to accelerate development.

Testing & Fixes

The app is thoroughly tested on various iOS devices and OS versions. We identify software gaps and fix them during this important quality check phase.


Finally, we assist with hosting, integration, and deployment on the App Store for user acquisition.

Why Choose SOFTMENT?

Here are key reasons to choose SOFTMENT as your technology partner for React Native mobile app developmentWashington.

  • Experience with React Native App Development:

    We have developed many mobile apps with React Native. They span across diverse categories and millions of installs worldwide. Our past experience ensures we can handle your app complexity.

  • Certified Developers:

    Our developers are React Native certified and stay updated with the latest version releases to leverage improvements.

  • End-to-End Capabilities:

    We offer full cycle services from conceptualization, UX design, QA testing to launch support for guaranteed outcomes.

  • Latest Tools & Technologies:

    We use innovative tools like CodePush, Bitrise and Fastlane for automating app build, testing and monitoring app metrics.

  • Budget Friendly:

    With our agile development approach, fair pricing models and expertise across technologies, we deliver maximum ROI on your app investment.

  • NDA Protection:

    We sign NDAs and follow stringent processes for protecting product IP as well as source code confidentiality.

Our React Native App Development Expertise

When it comes to React Native app development Texas, you should always pick a team of experts. Here are some of the best things about SOFTMENT, showcasing our expertise.

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    eCommerce Apps – Apps with complex product catalogs, shopping carts and payment integrations.

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    Ride-Sharing Apps – Apps with real-time tracking, chat, and payment features.

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    Video Streaming Apps – Apps offering VOD and Live streams with subscription models.

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    Gaming Apps – Interactive gaming apps synced across devices with leaderboards, social sharing etc.

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    Hospitality Apps – Apps providing booking, food ordering and loyalty programs.

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    IoT Apps – Apps connecting with Bluetooth devices, geolocation and more.

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Why Outsource React Native App Development to Us?

We are a leading React Native app development company with dozens of apps delivered globally. Here are additional benefits of outsourcing your project to us:

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    Significantly lower costs – Save over 60% versus expensive in-house or onshore developers.

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    High Quality – Our strict QA practices ensure high-performance, bug-free apps.Quicker Go-To-Market – Leverage our expertise to launch your iOS and Android apps faster.

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    Flexible Engagement – Choose from full-cycle development or get expert augmentation for your in-house team.

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    Follows Best Practices – Our solutions follow React Native best practices for security, scalability, and ease of maintenance.

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    Post-launch Support – We provide support beyond launch with updates, optimization, and maintenance via service contracts.


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