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Mobile Game Development Platforms We Use

Our highly experienced development team utilizes advanced technologies and mobile programming techniques for creating high-resolution, impressive mobile games that run smoothly on the targeted platforms, interfaces, and devices.

App Development
We create dynamic gaming applications for several iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Apple watches with an exceptional user interface and high-end graphics. As a leading iOS game app development company, we provide comprehensive iOS app development services for creating mobile gaming solutions optimized smoothly to run on different iOS devices.
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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

As a part of our healthcare solution development services, we create customized healthcare application and software solutions for information management depending on the lab size and their specialties. To monitor laboratory storage and inventory, data integrity, security, and protocol executions, we, as a top-notch healthcare app development company, develop scalable and adaptable LIMS solutions.

App Development
Custom mHealth App Development

Being an illustrious healthcare app development company, we create mHealth applications that are HL7, HIPAA, and FDA-compliant for remote health monitoring. Our mHealth apps allow healthcare organizations to deliver better care by streamlining workflow and ensuring smoother management of patient health records.

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Electronic Health Record Software

Being the best medical app development company, our experts are adept at building robust electronic health record (EHR) software systems with features that enable healthcare professionals to quickly access patient history and other medical data and stay connected to them via patient portals.


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Leading the Way with State-of-the-Art Game App Development Services

We are a dedicated mobile game app development company with a proven track record of delivering captivating and enthralling Android and iOS games for businesses worldwide. Here’s a glimpse of our suite of high-end game development services:


As one of the leading healthcare solutions companies, we ensure the integrity and security of patient data with our state-of-the-art custom blockchain solutions. By leveraging blockchain in healthcare, we help our clients establish immutable and transparent records for all medical transactions.

Web3 Game Development

We are a Web3 game development company with a talented team of developers who can assist in developing Web3 games of any scope, scale, and genre with their strong experience in blockchain gaming and other advanced technologies.

AR/VR Game App Development

Explore a wide range of AR and VR game app development services for multiple platforms in different genres with profound creativity and uniqueness. Our AR/VR game app developers are equipped with the expertise to bring your creative gaming thoughts and visions to life.

3D Game App Development

As a leading mobile game development agency, we offer premium and power-packed 3D game development services that provide an easy-to-use interface and surreal graphics, keeping your Gen-Z users fully engaged.


By implementing IoT in healthcare, we help our clients seamlessly integrate devices for monitoring patient vitals, tracking their medication adherence, and providing real-time data insights. This IoT-driven approach elevates patient care by enabling remote monitoring and facilitating the early detection of diseases.

Generative AI

Our experts harness the transformative power of Generative AI in healthcare to revolutionize medical diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient engagement. Our Generative AI solutions synthesize vast datasets to generate predictive models, personalized treatment options, and innovative medical imaging techniques.

Business Intelligence

By leveraging our Business Intelligence software in healthcare, we enable organizations to transform complex data into actionable insights, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and patient care with precise, data-driven decision-making.


Website Development Company Texas

Mobile Game Development Platforms We Use

Our highly experienced development team utilizes advanced technologies and mobile programming techniques for creating high-resolution, impressive mobile games that run smoothly on the targeted platforms, interfaces, and devices.
App Development

Website Development Company Texas

Healthcare App Development Process We Follo

At Softment, we follow an agile healthcare app development process to craft feature-loaded, robust healthcare software and applications. From analyzing the requirements of your project to launching it, our experts work diligently to scale your business..

Project Analysis
Our experts understand the project's scope and create strategies for efficient healthcare IT consulting services. one of the best healthcare IT services companies, we conduct thorough market research and competition analysis before initiating your project idea.
As a leading IT consulting company, we adhere to the best healthcare app development practices, keeping all security and industry regulations in mind. This stage includes developing frontend and backend infrastructure and integrating the app with third-party APIs.
At the design stage, our IJI/IJX experts create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This includes creating the graphic components through which the user will interact with your healthcare app.
Our QA team conducts an end-to-end testing to eliminate errors or bugs in the healthcare application. The app undergoes a rigorous testing process for ensuring a seamless functioning, strong security and most importantly, an elevated user experience.
Maintenance and Support
To ensure the flawless performance of your healthcare app, it is crucial that your app gets regular security and functional upgrades. As a part of their IT services for healthcare, we offer continuous post-app launch maintenance and support services for your app to remain fully functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

The features and functionalities you want to include in your on-demand food delivery mobile app and the resources required will determine the cost of food delivery application development. This can normally cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000, or more. Read this blog to know the exact cost estimation of developing a restaurant app.

The timeframe to develop a food delivery app depends on various other factors, such as development platform, restaurant app complexity, restaurant mobile app features, target audience, development team size, etc., that directly impact the timeline. A simple custom food delivery application development can take around 3-4 months, whereas a complex app can take 9-18 months. Read this blog to understand how long it takes to build an app.

It’s critical to see your investment in restaurant app development services as an additional benefit as opposed to a singular choice. A restaurant app is a highly effective tool for reaching a wide range of diners and bringing all your affiliated businesses onto a single platform. It’s essentially a synergistic method in which the app connects with a large pool of potential customers and serves as a catalyst for growth by acting as a restaurant’s consolidated hub.

Yes. Being one of the best restaurant development companies, Softment transfers the entire code to our clients once the app is developed and deployed.

There are certain questions you can ask when hiring a restaurant app development company that will help you make a sound decision sooner. You can research reliable restaurant app development companies, ask about the company’s portfolio and industry experience, and follow up on their development process. It is equally profitable to have knowledge of the different restaurant mobile app development technologies and pitfalls you need to avoid.

As one of the top restaurant app development companies, our development team provides an accurate description of how your restaurant business can benefit and grow sustainably with our app development solutions. Talk to us to get started.


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