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Full Spectrum of Automotive Software Development Services We Offer

At Softment, we assist our clients with a wide array of automotive software engineering services that help them automate their traditional auto businesses and win customers at every touch point.
Dealership Management System Development

Automobile businesses need robust dealership management systems (DMS) that help them seamlessly manage their sales and distribution processes and assist them in optimizing their workflows. As a leader in automotive software development services, we develop unparalleled custom DMS solutions that provide detailed information on service orders, sales, financing, and warehouse management.

Automotive eCommerce Platform Development

Whether you sell new/used vehicles or auto parts, we offer full-cycle custom automotive eCommerce solutions covering every aspect of your digital automotive sales. As a leading automotive industry IT services provider, we deliver you a web store that is capable of utilizing vast amounts of data without manual synchronization or replication.

Navigation System Development

Our experts have strong expertise in HMI- and NDS-based map compilation and testing. Intelligent HMI and NDS-based navigation systems include features like traffic information, digital terrain modeling, basic map display, lane models, routing, and shared data. As an esteemed embedded automotive software development company, we design embedded navigation systems that help drivers plan routes.

Automotive Logistics Software Development

As a leader in automotive engineering services, we build scalable and robust automotive logistics software that streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency, right from production planning to distribution. Our services also encompass building fleet management software with features like intelligent analytics, built-in automation, fleet security, and real-time tracking that helps power your fleet operations.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Development

Our custom automotive solution development also includes building Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (AADS) that ensure the complete safety of your drivers on the road by alerting them to any potential road hazard. AADS offers drivers the benefits of real-time communication, high-accuracy sensing, and reliable data processing.

EV Software Development

Being one of the reputed automotive software development companies, we offer end-to-end EV development services, including building tailored EV charging software for automotive businesses to support EV roaming infrastructure. With our Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant EV software solutions, you can seamlessly meet all your eMobility needs.

Vehicle Lease Management Software Development

Easily manage the vehicle leasing process with our intuitive vehicle lease management software services, right from lease quoting and contracting to reporting. Get the hand-picked features of general ledger integration, automated calculation, debt management, multi-currency support, open invoice management, and lots more in an all-in-one custom vehicle leasing software.

Autonomous Driving Software Development

Drive towards the future of autonomous and reliable vehicle systems for comfortable, safer, and predictable driving. Make real-time driving decisions through continuous over-the-air updates and iteration with our robust autonomous driving software development services.

Connected Car Software Development

With advanced features like app-to-car connectivity, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, remote parking, and driver-focused interfaces, we build scalable, expert automotive solutions for connected cars. Our development team has hands-on experience in improving the in-car connectivity experience with highly secured custom connected car solutions.

BEV Software Development

Our custom battery electric vehicle software development can unlock the full potential of electric vehicles. Our team of experts strives to offer robust automotive industry software services that can enhance performance, optimize battery efficiency, and deliver an exceptional user experience, further driving the sustainable revolution.

NEV Software Development

As a leading automotive software development services provider, we specialize in developing cutting-edge digital automotive solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our expertise in new energy vehicle software development allows us to create innovative custom-made solutions, including advanced battery management systems and intelligent charging solutions. Our automotive engineering software services are designed to optimize performance, increase efficiency, and provide a seamless user experience.



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Custom Automotive Enterprise Management Solutions We Offer

Our comprehensive suite of automotive enterprise management solutions guarantees you with exceptional success. From streamlining ERP processes to optimizing customer relationships with custom CRM systems, we provide tailored solutions for every aspect of your automotive business.
01. ERP

Our tailor-made automotive ERP solutions streamline your diverse business processes, from manufacturing and supply chain management to human resources and finance. Our expertise extends to integrating advanced ERP systems like Odoo, delivering real-time data access and automation, and ensuring a synchronized workflow throughout your automotive enterprise.

02. CRM

As a leading automotive industry IT services provider, we empower your enterprise with advanced CRM systems built as per your specific business needs. Through seamless integration with platforms like Salesforce, we elevate your CRM capabilities, providing a robust platform for enhanced customer engagement and data-driven insights.

Innovative Technologies Powering Our Automotive Industry Software Services

As a leading automotive solution services provider, we propel your business into the future with groundbreaking, advanced technologies ensuring both innovation and security. Our tailored automotive engineering solutions not only elevate your current operations but also ensure your long-term success. With a focus on strategic innovation, we are committed to redefining your business potential and unlocking the path to sustained growth.


We utilize AI in your custom automotive IT solutions that assist in autonomous vehicle navigation and predictive maintenance. Our adept AI developers harness the full potential of artificial intelligence in automotive software development, bringing forth intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and elevated decision-making capabilities.


Empower your modern automotive solutions with automated communication capability that seamlessly connects vehicles and systems. Our custom IoT development services enhance safety features, simplify data collection, and optimize operational efficiency, bringing smart connectivity to your automotive applications.

Data Science and Analytics

Leverage the potential of our data science and analytics services in revolutionizing software development for automotive. Monitor real-time results, enhance logistics efficiency, and reduce environmental impact with data science solutions tailor-made specifically for your automotive business.


Manage the vast volume of data generated by your automotive software with our cloud services. Enable seamless collaboration, ensure enhanced data management, and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime for your automotive applications.


Elevate the real-time management and security of critical data transactions and internal processes in your digital automotive solutions. Our blockchain development services provide an unparalleled decentralized experience, ensuring the highest level of security for your automotive applications.


Facilitate immersive 3D modeling of vehicles and equipment and offer engaging employee training experiences with our best-in-class metaverse software development services, enhancing the overall user experience in the automotive sector.

Business Intelligence

Maximize the potential of your automotive app with our cutting-edge business intelligence services. Utilize real-time insights for informed decision-making and enhanced customer engagement with custom automotive BI solutions.


Manage the vast volume of data generated by your automotive software with our cloud services. Enable seamless collaboration, ensure enhanced data management, and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime for your automotive applications.


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Crafting Excellence: Our On-Demand App Development Process

Our on-demand app developers employ DevOps and agile development methodology to build your applications, ensuring both speed and quality. Being a leading on-demand mobile app development company, our development process is carefully crafted with crucial steps that lead to the creation of exceptional apps:

Planning and Analysis
We build robust software for the automotive industry by starting with the discovery process. This includes the planning and analysis stage that helps determine the technical aspects influencing your automotive mobile app development. At this stage, our experts create your product roadmap, identify the potential pitfalls, and assess the viability of your app.
UI/UX Design
As a vital part of our automotive solution services, we start with the conception of a detailed software design architecture that balances your business goals and user needs. The design of your automotive industry software includes prototypes and final mockups that are exceptionally customer-centric.
Development and Coding
After the design gets finalized, our talented team of automotive engineering consultants brings your product wireframe to life. Through meticulous coding and programming, our team ensures the seamless integration of features, functionalities, and design elements.
We understand how buggy automotive technical solutions can spoil your reputation, and that is why we focus on an end-to-end testing process. Our QA testers and engineers test the newly developed automotive software for glitches and ensure smooth running on various platforms. Our range of testing services includes automation, manual, and unit testing.
Deploy and Maintenance
Being one of the globally renowned automotive software development companies, we work with you consistently during the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). After launching the product, we offer ongoingmaintenance and support to keep your automotive industry software updated and running seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Softment helps clients in automating their traditional auto business models. As a leading automotive software development company with over eight years of industry presence, our team has the expertise and experience to scale your business to new heights. The experts apply the latest technologies to help industry leaders optimize their business processes, improve efficiency, and deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint. Connect with our experts to share your project ideas.

While delivering automotive software development services, we believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients at every stage. Here is the workflow that we typically follow for our custom automotive solutions development projects:

  • Research and analysis: The initial stage of our automotive software engineering services begins with a deeper analysis and understanding of your business needs. Our experts conduct extensive market research to conceptualize the most effective solution for your business.
  • Design and development: Our skilled design and development team, with their extensive years of experience, knows what type of interface would best fit your automotive IT solution.
  • Testing: The next crucial step is to run your newly developed software for the testing process to ensure that it functions seamlessly on all types of platforms without crashing
  • Deploy and maintenance: Our team continues working after the deployment of your software solution and offers you further maintenance and support by constantly upgrading your software solution whenever required.

A fully functional automotive software with basic to medium complexity features and functionalities will generally cost you $35,000 – $50,000 to build. However, the total cost of developing automotive software can also go up to $500,000, or more if you decide to implement a highly advanced set of technologies and features into the software.

Consult our software development experts for precise cost estimates related to your project.

How long does it take to build automotive software?

On average, an automotive software solution takes 4 to 9 months to develop. The duration of the project mainly depends upon its complexity and size. It also depends upon the design elements and the addition of complex features. To know the exact time required to build automotive software, get in touch with our development experts and discuss your project idea with them.

Yes, you can ensure 100% confidentiality of your automotive software project idea as we sign a strict NDA for securing all your personal information and data related to your software solution.


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